Tatiana Abouassi

Tatiana Abouassi is an Integrative Nutrition Coach (IIN) and wholefood recipe blogger. Her job involves educating clients on the benefits of adopting more wholesome, sustainable diets and lifestyles.

“What may be obvious to you is that I am a passionate foodie who loves creating new recipes on a daily basis!

What you may not know is that a long battle with health issues led me to where I am today! I was diagnosed with both celiac disease and thyroid malfunction more than 10 years ago after having suffered from many ailments which went misdiagnosed for 2 years (chronic digestive disorders, fatigue, weight and hair loss etc.).
A transformational journey…
After the diagnosis was confirmed, it took another 2  years just to start healing and feeling better!
I embarked in a journey of experimentation and research which turned into an absolute passion for cooking.
I love developing healthy and simple gut-friendly recipes suited for busy lifestyles and adaptable to different diets.”

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