Shirley D'Souza

Shirley A. D'Souza before the world of getting her health in order used to work in the corporate world of telecoms and jet setting travelling in the media world.  However fed up of always being the fat fit person in the gym, 5 operations later and a mind set of always placing her work first led her body to really suffer.  Inspired by her own Nutritional Ketogenic coach nearly 4 years ago Shirley went on to be a certified Ketogenic & Primal Living Coach for Keto,paleo,primal and whole 30 way of living. And is  accredited ISSA, AFAA, NASM,Canfitpro & Primal Living certificate. 

Having lost nearly 30kg of weight and healing many gut and health issues while doing nutritional Ketogenic lifestyle. 

Here is what she has to say..

Before Keto, I was always trying fad diets, pills and over exerting myself in the gym. I was unhappy with myself and after 5 operations and many health issues, I finally came across the Keto diet and started my journey. At that point I was experiencing severe stress in my personal life and was gaining weight exponentially. 

I started the diet with very little knowledge and only Google as my guide. I began to lose weight and then I hit a plateau. Therefore, I did not feel the Keto euphoria much talked about. So I decided to find a coach as a more reliable guide than Google, which only led to more questions and others around me asking for help. 

In 2017, I decided to get my certification and help women and men not only lose weight but also treat conditions like chronic fatigue, auto immune diseases, diabetes, cholesterol and help women with PCOS to get pregnant. Over the years, Keto has not only given me control over my intense sugar cravings, emotional dependence on food but it has also given me the self-confidence in other areas of my life. 

My approach is to understand each clients bio chemistry and fine tune their body to be a healthy "Weightloss is a byproduct of a healthy body" 

Shirley has clients who have shrunk benign tumors, couple of keto babies in PCOS women, record of right cholesterol levels, and hormone balances. Shirley's clients extend across the globe and has testimonies from Australia, Newzealand, Germany, Bahrain, KSA and ofcourse UAE.

:  |  @ketocoachdxb 

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