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Brazil Coffee


Grower's Cup

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Product description
This coffee is roasted darker than what we usually do, in order to achieve a powerful body. Therefore, this coffee is to the coffee lover who prefers a strong cup of coffee. The coffee has a rich taste with nuances of nuts and dark chocolate. The cooperative, Ascarive is places in the state of Minas Gerais, In this microregion, Mantiqueira, you will  find ideal conditions for producing high quality coffee and here is the cooperative Ascarive. Ascarive and its members are truly committed to sustainable production of high quality coffee.
Nutrition Facts
How to use
The Coffeebrewer is best described as a single-brew French press. Inside the pouch is a filter with 20g of freshly ground specialty coffee. To brew 2 cups of delicious coffee, all you need to do is: open, pour 300ml hot water into the pouch, and let it brew 2-4 minutes.