Vegan Labna Box + Bread

  • Dhs. 75.00

Ready to Ditch the Dairy?

Introducing our Vegan Labna, made with love, authenticity and clean & honest ingredients for you! We’re finding more and more ways to expand our resources and eat consciously, which means we can totally reinvent all our traditional favorites to suit our new healthy, sustainable lifestyles!
It’s homemade, we’ve ditched the dairy and replaced it with quality vegan ingredients... a smooth delight to the palate.

The Labna Box includes:
- Zataar Vegan Labna: Homemade cashew-based labna with za'atar spice blend and extra virgin olive oil
- Jalapeno Vegan Labna: Homemade cashew-based labna | pickled Jalapeño blend | extra virgin olive oil
- Walnut Pomegranate Vegan Labna:  Homemade cashew-based labna | roasted walnut | pomegranates | molasses drizzle | extra virgin olive oil
- Vegan spelt sourdough bread slices 

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