Freakin Healthy

Very Berry Granola Bar

  • Dhs. 9.50

We are all familiar with the delicious taste of berries but wait, there’s more to it; Freakin’ Healthy has combined your favourite berries with granola making it even more delicious! Very Berry Granola Bar has an enhanced, devouring taste and, while maintaining high-quality standards, adds a great amount of nutritional value to your diet. In our busy routine. We usually don’t have enough time for preparing a healthy, fulfilling breakfast so, instead of skipping this very important meal, you can grab this snack on the go. It provides you with a tasty, and wholesome meal that contains the nutritional benefits of both berries, granola, coconut extracts, and chia seeds. All of these ingredients are scientifically proven for having significant health benefits.

Ingredients: Gluten free oats (38.8%), Coconut Nectar Freakin’ Healthy® (28.8%), Quinoa (8%), Berberis (8%), Coconut oil (4.3%), Goji berries (3.5%), Coconut flakes (2.7%), Beetroot (2.6%), Raspberry Juice Concentrate (1.4%), Chia seeds (1.1%), Fruit syrup (0.32%) (Sulphites), Pink salt (0.32%)

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