Tips to Healthy Eating this Festive Season

Everyone’s favorite time of the year has finally arrived!

Gathering with family and friends to celebrate is a joyous occasion, especially when everyone's in full holiday mode. The festive spreads are decadent and abundant, so the tendency to overindulge and kick healthy eating habits to the curb is always high at this time of the year.

We’ve compiled useful tips on how you can stay healthy during this festive season. It’s totally realistic and achievable!

Shop with a purpose

Planning your meals helps you to control the amount you eat, and what you eat. Never shop on an empty stomach, to prevent overloading your trolley with foods bought on impulse and craving. Create a balanced shopping list, that you can stick to and stay focused during your shop! Our smart shopping guide at our new store is a great example of stress-free shopping, with a coded metric for decisive choices suited to your needs.

Eat a good breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast sets the mood from the start of the day! Group activities or trips away can sometimes mean, not getting a good meal in, at the times you’re accustomed to in your routine. If you can, control what you eat as soon as you wake up, that way you’ve already prioritized your wellbeing and you’ll feel more relaxed, and less likely to compensate for the rest of the day. 

Don’t skip meals

Eating small frequent meals will help you keep going and not overindulge. It will also keep your metabolism balanced and stabilized over the whole duration of the festive season. Small snacks before you leave home keep your blood sugar stable so the New Year, making it even easier to bounce back. If you don’t have time for a meal in between, stock up on refreshing cold-pressed juices to add to your intake of veggies and fiber between meals. 

Everything in moderation

Staying healthy does not mean you have to deprive yourself. Snacks, desserts, treats, and drinks are all the perks of the relaxing holiday style eating. Keeping a good balance and knowing when is enough, will help you to have fewer regrets after a celebratory gathering. Eat and drink slowly, savor every bite and relish sipping on your favorite drink. Slowing down the pace of consumption means you can maintain the digestive balance. Stick to your favorite treats, and skip the ones that are just ‘for the sake of it’. 

Take control of the kitchen!

By inviting your guests to your own home for the festive season, gives you full control to cook with the ingredients that will benefit both you and your guests. It’s a little extra effort, but take this as an opportunity to lead by example when it comes to healthy diet choices. You can show them just how easy it can be, without the compromise on flavor. This also prevents you from eating too many fast-food takeouts or having to make awkward choices around the restaurant table. 

Go for the company, not the buffet!

Re-unite with old friends, embrace your family members, and catch up on lost time. Staying distracted with pleasantries and light-hearted chatter will keep your eyes off the decadent yet unhealthy buffet spreads. Just make sure you’ve filled up on something healthy before you leave the house, so you can pick and choose with discretion between conversations. If you’re in the middle of conversations, it will also alleviate the pressure to accept or indulge in foods you otherwise would stay away from.

Traditional, with an unnoticeable twist!

Your favorite traditional dishes, snacks, and desserts are likely made with carbs, fats, sugars, and oils that will compromise the digestive health you’ve worked all year to balance. There are a variety of healthy oils, clever carb alternatives available that will provide you with fiber and protein to keep your gut perfectly balanced. You can still enjoy traditional favorites, you won’t taste the difference, and you won’t be missing out!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It’s so easy to forget this crucial point! Grab a glass of water whenever you get the chance. Between meals, between drinks and during activities. The best thing you can do is keep a bottle of water on you that you can refill multiple times in a day, or replace every second drink with a glass of water at a restaurant or bar. If you’re at someone’s home, don’t be shy to ask, and if you’re the one entertaining guests, make sure there’s always a big jug of ice-cold water available. This will flush out toxins, curb cravings and keep your whole body in a healthy rhythm.


The mental focus on your health will help you remember to prioritize your choices throughout the festive season. It will help you be more conscious of the choices you make to put your wellbeing first! It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, you’ll just be better prepared to make the choices that will affect you positively for your long-term goal. Focussing on yourself also means you don’t have to consume as much as others do to have a good time!