5 Ways To Find Urban Balance


Living in urban environments is fun, exciting and offers loads of variety! 

Sometimes, however, modern living can take its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. While we may thrive in the big cities and on what they have to offer, it’s important to find balance and stay grounded. Sometimes we tend to ignore lingering symptoms of imbalances that could be rectified through simple changes in our daily routine.

We’ve listed a few simple solutions you can incorporate into your daily routine that could potentially make a big difference!


Limit Screen Time

While Social Media is a vital part of our daily communication, the overconsumption of online content can have negative effects on our mind & body such as sleeplessness, irritability and higher stress levels. Change starts small, so cut your screen time an hour before bed to help sleeplessness or take a 20-minute break from your screen every two hours to alleviate chronic headaches and eye strain!


Reward Yourself Regularly

Celebrate every small accomplishment from day to day. Treat yourself to a scrumptious lunch for meeting a deadline, reward yourself with a smoothie for pushing yourself a little further at the gym or pamper yourself with a manicure for getting to all your appointments on time. In a modern society where mental illnesses are common, sometimes it’s a challenge for some to simply get out of bed in the morning. So take the chance to celebrate every victory, big or small, significant or insignificant.


Saying ‘No’ Is Also Okay

With so many things on the go, it’s important to learn how to say no. Saying no is not rude, selfish or unkind, it simply means you don’t always have the extra time or energy. If you’re a people pleaser or have a fear of missing out, practice letting go… and spend a bit more of that time channelling that energy back into yourself.


Become More Mindful

Have you noticed your daily routine becoming almost, mechanical? That’s because our bodies are performing tasks while our minds are in a completely different place. There are loads of things to remember, and it’s good to maximize your efficiency... However, you can only do one thing at a time, so try to bring your awareness back to the present moment, and do things deliberately rather than on auto-pilot. Smile at the cashier, stop and take in the view, compliment someone and relax your neck and shoulders! Find enjoyment in the simple things and restore your balance.


Love Yourself

This love is not a superficial or vain kind. Rather, unconditional self-love means you will protect your body and the environment you live in. Wellness is a choice, and how we treat our bodies is closely linked to our health. Eating well, making conscious changes to improve bad habits combined with acknowledgement and acceptance of yourself will lead to positive transformation and the ultimate urban balance!