Soil delivers healthy living right to the doorsteps of humans of all sizes and lifestyles across the UAE to help them achieve and maintain a better life.

Whether you are a health conscious human looking for a convenient solution to fit your busy daily schedule, or one who wants to change but doesn’t know where to begin with all the growing health trends, you’ve come to the right place.

As much as many of you would like the opportunity to be able to go shop for healthy alternatives on a weekly basis, I understand that many of you don’t have the time. This is why I would like to spoil you as you hurry through your busy lives.




I am here to help you make permanent changes, not temporary ones that have failure built right into them. There’s no need to reach to the point of becoming sick or obese to start thinking of making a change. I am growing according to your needs to become your one-stop convenient provider. Meanwhile, my harvest will be cropped and delivered to your door with more variety every season.