Vegan Cocktail Sauce

  • Dhs. 27.50

An Aquafaba based cocktail vegan sauce. Aquafaba is the boiling water of chick-peas, the perfect substitute for eggs. Veggie-Naise does not contain coloring agents or preservatives, that is why we recommend that you try to keep as much as possible in a cool and dark place. Veggie-Naise is 100% vegan and gluten-free.

Veggie-Naise was developed in such a way that when it is served on very warm fries, the Veggie-Naise does not become liquid and its nice smooth and even texture is maintained.


How to use: ​This flavorful cocktail sauce is great with vegetables, sandwiches, burgers ..


Ingredients​: Rapeseedoil 53,5%, Water, Raw cane sugar, Aquafaba, Potato starch, Garlic, Vinegar, Tomato Concentrate, Salt,Spices, Pea Protein, Xanthane gum, Rosemarin extract, Citric Acid.