Farah Hillouh

Suspecting a food allergy or sensitivity?

  • Dhs. 350.00

Do you experience certain symptoms (eg. bloating, headaches, pain, skin break-outs) after eating some foods but don’t exactly know what you are reacting to? Do you have known food allergies or food sensitivities, yet struggle to avoid trigger foods? Are you stuck at preparing the same meals over and over, or not sure whether you are meeting your nutritional needs when avoiding some foods?

Farah can help you better understand the foods that suit your body, identify those that can be triggering symptoms, and incorporate healthy alternatives to meet nutrition requirements.

During this 45 minute session, Farah will:

  • Help you understand differences between food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities
  • Explain symptoms associated with food allergies and sensitivities
  • Discuss the most common triggers, including dairy and gluten
  • Discuss traditional and functional diagnostic tests commonly used
  • Help you navigate the numerous healthy alternatives available
  • Discuss food labels
  • Help you feel confident in taking your first steps towards an elimination diet
  • Provide creative, nutritious and delicious recipes

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