Rice Up

Popped Sour Cream & Onion Brown Rice Chips

  • Dhs. 7.00
At last, a chips that's different. Really different. RiceUP! Brown Rice Chips are made with wholegrain brown rice, gluten free, crunchy and incredibly delicious. They are without preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. They're a brown rice sensation you'll love. Pick up a pack of your favourite flavour today!

Popped: We make one peice of this crispy pleasure just in 8 seconds from 25 whole grains of brown rice #RiceUP!

Half fat: 50% less fat than any regular chips

Ingredients: Whole grain brown rice 76%, olive oil 16%, flavouring blend 8% (natural flavourings, onion 16%, whey powder, cream 10%, salt, stabiliser: potassium chloride, dextrose, buttermilk powder, potato maltodextrin, maize maltodextrin, skimmed milk powder.

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