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Love Raw

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Product description

Take your daily meals to the next level with our Organic Food Boosters, which provide you with an easier and more natural way to get vitamins and minerals into your body everyday!

Feeling run down and life is getting the better of you? You need this Food Booster in your life! It's nutritious, spicy, immune fighting ingredients lend themselves perfectly to curries, porridge & soups, making you feel like yourself again in no time! 

Awarded 'Best Health Food' by the World Food Innovation Awards 2017!

All health benefits approved according to the EFSA.


Approved Health Benefits:

• Immunity

• Joints

• Brain

• Energy

• Antioxidant



• Organic Turmeric Powder

• Organic Maca Powder

• Organic Ginger Powder

• Organic Cardamom Powder

• Organic Cinnamon Powder

• Organic Black Pepper Powder


Use in: vegan eggs, curry, plant based milk, seasoning, smoothies, mash potato, soup, tea, salad dressing, houmous or grains!