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Coconut & Chia Granola


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This product is currently out of stock

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Product description
Nature hottest couple.Coconuts. Big, tropical, so packed with nutrients you could live off them. Chia. Tiny, Central American seeds bursting with energy. They are an oddball couple that works together beautifully. The flesh of the coconut satisfies your taste buds and body with creaminess and good fats, so we don't need to add any oil. The chia seeds add extra bite to the crisp, nutty spelt flakes. Together they make a granola-like nothing else we have ever tasted.
Nutrition Facts
Ingredients: Oats, Coconut Flakes (20%), Coconut Blossom Sugar, Spelt Flakes, Honey, Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Coconut Chips (4%), Date Syrup, Chia Seeds (2%). Allergens: Contains gluten. Made in a facility that handles nuts. Baked Without Oil No Added Salt No Refined Sugars High Fibre Wholegrain Non-GM Kosher
How to use
With yoghurt and cacao for a superfood superstart to your day. With our coconut drink because we do love a pair of coconuts. As a topping on ice cream, because we can’t wait for breakfast.