The Juicery

Daily Greens Juice Subscription

  • Dhs. 192.00

Keep cool, and drink your greens! Our two new green juices are now part of our daily greens juice subscription. Choose between Hot Kiwi, Tropical Greens, and Celery Juice to make up your 6 day subscription, or mix and match a combination of them all to enjoy each of their benefits. Upon placing your order, you will be contacted by our team to confirm the juice combination you'd like to pick.

The Hot Kiwi consists of cold-pressed kiwi, grapes, cucumber, celery, kale and jalapeno! This tantalizing combination is not only a palate pleaser, it also promotes alkalinity and weight loss. Not only that but it also assists in maintaining healthy skin, bones and eyes!

The Tropical Greens contains Granny Smith apples, pineapple, green bell pepper, kale, baby spinach and celery. This combination offers the body natural anti-inflammatory properties and assists in maintaining healthy lungs, bones and nerves.

Pure Celery Juice provides the support the stomach needs to repair and rebuild itself, supporting and boosting the stomachs natural healing process. Once the gut has healed itself, it’s able to digest and absorb nutrients more efficiently. This means faster and better digestion of foods and less carb cravings. Other major benefits include: Anti Inflammatory, pH balancing, calming, slimming, detoxifying, hormone regulating and many more...

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