Chocolate Plant-based Yoghurt

  • Dhs. 12.00

An after-dinner delight.

100% plant -based, vegan yoghurt made from certified organic coconut milk , fresh fruit and agave syrup. With a smooth, creamy texture our range of ‘melt in your mouth’ products are the ultimate indulgence.. .. without the guilt.

Handcrafted using certified organic Sri Lankan coconuts, its slowly pasteurize and ferment the coconut yoghurt in Dubai to produce live, plant- powered probiotics that help support healthy digestion. Free from Dairy , refined sugar and preservatives, the yoghurts are then cooled and served in enviro-friendly glass pots to help curb those sweet cravings, while fueling your gut with all the goodness.


· Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
· Probiotic-rich to support healthy digestion
· High in dietary fibre, calcium, iron
· Rich in minerals and vitamins
· Anti-inflammatory properties

Ingredients: Sri lankan coconuts*, Chocolate*, Agave syrup*, Tapioca*, Vegan culture*

*Certified Organic Product

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