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Alkaline Greens


Organic Superblends

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This product is currently out of stock

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Alkaline Greens Superblend

We have heard a lot about acidity vs. alkalinity, but what does that really mean? To sum it up, our body becomes too acidic if we have a poor diet, which leads to weight gain, diseases, extra water in our bodies and cellulite. This is why people need to go through a detox every once in a while, to get rid of all the acids and toxins, and achieve the acid-alkaline balance. One of the main sources of ingredients that raise alkalinity in our bodies is green superfood, which happens to be in this blends. Also, green superfoods are very rich in chlorophyll, the nutrient that gives the green color to plants. The more we consume chlorophyll, the higher our hemoglobin is, which increases the level of oxygen in our bodies. This blend supports healthy skin, hair, blood, bones, immunity, heart function and cell renewal.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100g Per 5g
Energy (K) 1356kj 67.8kj
Energy (Kcal) 325kcal 16.3kcal
Protein 6.3g 0.32g
Carbohydrates 68.4g 3.42g
of which sugars 1.9g 0.1g
Fat 9.4g 0.47g
of which saturates 2.86g 0.14g
Mono-unsaturates 1.31g 0.07g
Polyunsaturates 4.79g 0.24g
Fibre 28.9g 1.45g
Sodium 294mg 14.7mg
Iron 37mg 1.9mg
Magnesium 366mg 18.3mg
Beta Carotine 23.68mg 1.2mg
Omega 3 45600mg 2280mg
Omega 9 8000mg 400mg