Why These Brands?

Organic Superblends

Single blends of this quality can be expensive and difficult to source. Instead of buying six different packs of superfood ingredients separately, Organic Superblends combines 6 superfoods in one case, that taste great together.

I chose to give you the simplest solution to stay consistent in taking these supplements on a regular basis. These blends are all about convenience. The superfoods you’ll find in these blends are of the best quality and are 100% organic.

The juice and smoothie culture is growing rapidly around the world, along with the demand for Superfoods. We cater for the superfood novice, who doesn’t know where to start, to the experienced superfood individual who lacks the time and effort to buy single powders.

With superfoods becoming more mainstream, they are not all created equal, quality is their mantra. Organic Superblends source the best-harvested superfoods in climates where they yield the most nutrition, for example, the Wheatgrass comes from New Zealand. On the other hand, the spirulina, acai berry, rosehip, red maca, and the mighty black chia seed are sourced from Hawaii.

These ingredients can be added to your smoothies, juices, yogurts, cereals and granolas. The Organic Superblends team has teamed up the amazing nutrition gurus below to give you a recipe that you can use with each blend:


  1. Calgary Avansino – Vogue Beauty Editor
  2. Ella Woodward - the food blogger from Deliciously Ella
  3. Food Editor - from Hip & Healthy online magazine 



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