Super Quick Crunchy Date Bites

The combination of dates, coconut and tahini has to be one of my favorite flavors ever. The natural sweetness of the dates, nutty richness of the tahini accompanied by the crunch of the coconut creates the perfect date-sized bite of goodness, the perfect sweet pick-me-up without all the bad stuff and only 3 ingredients! Because of its 3 ingredients, these dates bites are super quick to prepare, only taking 5 minutes and perfect for keeping in a container in the fridge to grab when wanted. The base of tahini and coconut can be altered to your tastes, using peanut butter instead of tahini, and granola instead of coconut chips also creates a similarly healthy mixture.

Super Quick Crunchy Date Bites
  • Dates
  • Tahini
  • SOILs own Coconut Chips
  • The first step is to cut the pip out of the dates and splay them out as open as possible without breaking through to the other side
  • Then drizzle some tahini on each date
  • Sprinkle on the coconut chips, which works best when they are slightly crushed
  • Finally, close the sides of the dates in order to keep the insides from falling out Enjoy!
Super Quick Crunchy Date Bites