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  • Hearty Nutella

    Hearty “Nutella” Smoothie Bowl

    The ultimate weekend indulgence, this smoothie bowl recipe is definitely what makes me want look forward to waking up on a Friday morning. Packed with delicious healthy fats and long lasting carbohydrates, this bowl is designed to give you a big, nutritious morning energy boost whilst still tasting like everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure: Nutella!

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  • Recovery balls

    Recovery balls

    With the perfect blend of healthy fats and restorative protein, these recovery balls are the ideal post-workout bite to store in your fridge. After your workout, it is so important to eat high protein foods for your body to recover, especially in the 30-minute window directly after you stop exercising for maximum uptake. Therefore, the fact that these bites are so easy to make in bulk and quickly grab on your way back from the gym, make them the excellent power bite!

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  • Chocolate Orange Protein Smoothie

    Chocolate Orange Protein Smoothie

    Chocolate and orange has to be one of favorite chocolate bar flavors, the deep richness of the cacao, cut with the tart flavor of the fruit combining to create a wonderful refreshing sweetness. This smoothie of course has none of the bad stuff inside, and packs a whopping protein punch using the Purition Chocolate flavored wholefood shake as a base.

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  • Super Quick Crunchy Date Bites

    Super Quick Crunchy Date Bites

    The combination of dates, coconut and tahini has to be one of my favorite flavors ever. The natural sweetness of the dates, nutty richness of the tahini accompanied by the crunch of the coconut creates the perfect date-sized bite of goodness, the perfect sweet pick-me-up without all the bad stuff and only 3 ingredients! Because of its 3 ingredients, these dates bites are super quick to prepare, only taking 5 minutes and perfect for keeping in a container in the fridge to grab when wanted. The base of tahini and coconut can be altered to your tastes, using peanut butter instead of tahini, and granola instead of coconut chips also creates a similarly healthy mixture.

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  • Chocolate and hazelnut superfood porridge

    Chocolate and hazelnut superfood porridge

    Okay yes this doesn’t sound like the healthiest food to start your day, but trust me, this porridge is packed full of amazing superfoods hidden under the desert-like guise of chocolate. Using the LoveRawEnergise powder as well as raw cacao blended into a hearty and filling porridge, the combination of oats and superfoods create an extremely well balanced meal to start your day with long lasting energy.

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  • Nutella balls

    Nutella balls

    The flavor of nutella was one of my favorites before going vegan, but after some experimenting, I can confirm that I have achieved the same nutty, chocolaty taste of goodness with none of the bad stuff involved! These energy oat + nut balls are packed with healthy fats and nutrients to help keep you going and as a perfectly sized midday snack are super handy to just keep in the fridge to grab whenever you are feeling peckish.

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  • Rainbow Coconut Salad

    Overnight oats with coconut and berries

    Overnight oats are an incredibly convenient option for a delicious summer breakfast. Unlike traditional fresh porridge, overnight oats are served cold, the length of time the oats spend in the milk making them turn soft without the use of heat. This creates a wonderful desert feel to this breakfast, the consistency almost like that of a cool, fruity parfait, perfect for the start of a hot summers day. Moreover, this breakfast can be prepared the night before, for a stress free breakfast that need only be grabbed from the fridge.

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  • Rainbow Coconut Salad

    Rainbow Coconut Salad

    A ‘rainbow salad’ is essentially a salad made with everything, chucking everything from the fridge into a bowl with some dressing, sometimes creating a masterpiece and other times, not so much. However, you can trust me on this one, this rainbow salad has been tried and tested and not only looks colorful and amazing but also tastes wonderful, the different textures of the vegetables mixing delightfully with the crunch of the secret ingredient: the baked coconut chips!

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  • Easy Oat Cookies

    Easy Oat Cookies

    These hearty, healthy cookies are without a doubt one of the easiest treats to whip up, with total cooking time only 25 minutes, perfect for a last minute sweet craving. Despite these cookies being a sweet treat, there is 0 artificial sugar in them! All of the sweetness comes from the natural sources of the dates and banana, so you can eat as many as you want, guilt free!

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  • Ramadan-blog

    Everything You Need to Break Your Fast in a Healthy Way

    After a long day of fasting, this nutritious date bar has everything your body needs to replenish energy stores. Healthy date sugars combined with filling nuts and granola and fortified with coconut oil give your body and brain an instant boost.

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  • Crunchy Chocolate Slice

    Crunchy Chocolate Slice

    This is one of my all-time favorite desserts, simply because of how easy and how incredibly storage friendly it is, you can make it at the weekend and just keep it in the freezer to be ready to eat whenever you want throughout the week! Despite being labeled as a ‘dessert’, this chocolate slice actually contains no refined sugar, all of the sweetness coming from dates and a drop of maple syrup, so although a sweetener, it raises blood sugar much slower than regular sugar due to its lower glycemic index, giving you a more long lasting energy.

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  • Tofu Scramble

    Tofu Scramble

    Coming down to a late breakfast on a Friday morning, I am most likely to see my parents preparing a full “English Breakfast”, consisting of canned baked beans, fried mushrooms, hash browns, sausages, eggs, turkey bacon…the whole lot. As a vegan I have a passion for healthy, clean food, so I normally just have a platter of fruit or granola for these fatty family brunches, but today I wanted to try something different. This tofu scramble is full of nutrition and low in fat, fuelling your brain with veggies for the day ahead and packing a spicy punch using the Kan Kun Mexican ‘Habanero’ sauce available from SOIL.

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  • Gluten free, vegan black bean brownies

    Gluten free, vegan black bean brownies

    Do you ever just get that craving for something rich, dense and chocolaty? Yes? Of course you do, who doesn’t! I’ve come up with this gluten-free, vegan AND low-fat recipe to satisfy all of your healthy chocolate wishes.

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  • Dairy-free Creamy

    Dairy-free Creamy Pasta

    Before I became vegan, eliminating cheese, milk and cream from my life was one of the toughest challenges I faced. My favorite guilty pleasure when it came to meals full of dairy was a rich, creamy bowl of pasta, oozing with cheese, but now I can show you how to get this same result with half the fat and double the healthy! My inspiration for this recipe came from a wonderful plant-based blogger ‘The Minimalist Baker’, whose recipe’s I often go to when I am in need of an easy and guilt-free meal, after trying her recipe multiple times, I have altered it to suit my taste, and I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Avocado and Pistachio Chocolate Pudding

    Avocado and Pistachio Chocolate Pudding

    This dessert is one of the quickest and easiest healthy desserts out there; no time consuming whipping of cream, no waiting for gelatin to set, this chocolate mousse is ready to eat in just 10 minutes! By adding the Purition pistachio protein powder, not only have you given it a protein boost but also added a delicious nutty flavor, perfect alongside the smooth chocolaty texture.

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  • Super Simple Vegan Pancakes

    Super Simple Vegan Pancakes

    Nothing beats a weekend ‘fancy’ breakfast on a Friday morning, am I right? With this 3-ingredient pancake base, it’s hard to go wrong and fluffy, guilt-free pancakes will be on your plate in no time!

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  • Homemade Maple Coconut Granola

    Homemade Maple Coconut Granola

    If you have a look at granola’s in stores today, you are most likely to encounter an assortment of added sugars and artificial flavorings – not something you want to fill your body with first thing in the morning! So why not make your own? The basic premise of granola is merely roasted oats and nuts, tossed in whatever flavor you fancy, to create a delicious breakfast cereal that doesn’t leave your blood sugars sky high. One of my favorite flavor combinations is the natural sweetness of maple syrup with baked coconut chips, an own brand product that can be found in SOIL and is a perfect addition to any breakfast dish

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  • Sweet Quinoa

    Sweet Quinoa

    Like Banana ice cream for breakfast, you may have thought that a sweet quinoa dish for breakfast was equally as weird, but I promise, this oat-substituted porridge is an incredibly filling and nutritious meal, if a bit strange to the senses at first. One of the main benefits of this recipe is that its naturally gluten free, so no need to worry about oat gluten contamination with this porridge recipe! Quinoa is also naturally very high in protein, with 8g of protein per cooked cup, as well as all the essential amino acids that we need.

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  • Asian Inspired Salad

    Asian Inspired Salad

    If you’re in the mood for a light and refreshing meal that will still pack enough punch to fill you up, look no further than this colorful Asian inspired cucumber salad. This delicious salad incorporates the simple and light, citrusy Asian flavors with a refreshing blend of raw vegetables mixed with a base of rice noodles, topped with SOIL’s very own baked coconut chips and peanuts for a nice crunch; perfect for a filling yet healthy lunch.

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  • Ice-cream for breakfast

    Ice-cream for breakfast

    The latest craze that's taken the food blogging and Instagram world by storm; you'll see piles of banana 'nicecream' regally decorated on almost every page. Now don’t be fooled by the word 'ice-cream' here, this so called 'nicecream' actually boasts just two ingredients: frozen bananas and water! So is completely guilt-free and can be eaten for a filling, vegan and low-fat breakfast.

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  • Benefits of Eating oats

    Benefits of Eating oats

    The oat (sometimes known as common oat) is a species of cereal grain grown for its seed. Oats are suitable for human consumption as oatmeal with numerous health benefits. Sometimes oats are ground into fine oat flour. Oatmeal is mainly eaten as porridge and finely milled oats are used in the making of drinkable oats. When it’s cold outside, a bowl of oatmeal makes a warming and satisfying breakfast.

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  • Ramadan Eating

    Ramadan Eating

    Holy Ramadan ended and Muslims all across the world are excited in an anticipation to avail the rewards that come along with the challenges of this blessed month. People usually get habituated with a month long fasting during this holy month. But it’s the after Ramadan eating habit that can make you healthy while reaping all the benefits of a sound body. During the holy Ramadan, our body gradually gets used to eating foods at specific times of the day.

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  • Alkaline Greens

    Alkaline Greens

    We’ve heard a lot about acidity vs. alkalinity, but what does that really mean? To sum it up, our body becomes too acidic if we have a poor diet, which leads to weight gain, diseases, extra water in our bodies and cellulite. This is why people need to go through a detox every once in a while, to get rid of all the acids and toxins, and achieve the “acid-alkaline” balance. One of the main sources of ingredients that raise alkalinity in our bodies is green superfood, which happens to be in this blends. Also, green superfoods are very rich in chlorophyll, the nutrient that gives the green color to plants.

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  • Skin Food

    Skin Food

    If you are yearning for a healthy glow then this Skin Food is what you’re looking for (this stuff is pure gold). Everyday we hear so much about products that promise to give us clear beautiful skin, but the real way to have a permanent solution is to feed your skin from the inside. This blends contains Chia seeds with 5 superfoods that naturally enhance the skin and makes it glow.

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  • Energise


    This blend's purpose is to boost your energy, in the most natural way. Energy is crucial for our bodies to function to their full potential and to keep us going throughout the day, both mentally and physically. Having this extra, incredibly pure energy will give you a more positive, confident outlook on the day ahead. Whether you need boost at the beginning of your day or just before an intensive workout, this blends will give you the right dose of power!

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  • Promixx The original Vortex Mixer

    Promixx The original Vortex Mixer

    The world’s most powerful handheld vortex drinks mixer. Athlete tested ergonomic design with 600ml capacity. Detachable motor, for ultra light-weight portability. 100% leak-proof, guaranteed! Internal self-cleaning. Simply add water, a drop of detergent & switch on to clean your PROMiXX.

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