Farah Hillouh

Let’s Talk: Functional Nutrition and Integrative Health

  • Dhs. 350.00

While we all know the principles of good nutrition, functional nutrition takes on an individualized approach to help you better understand your unique body. It highlights “food as medicine”, and applies an integrative approach that addresses environmental factors and mind-body medicine towards optimal health.

During this 45 minute session, Farah will:

  • Explain the basics of functional nutrition
  • Discuss the importance of integrative lifestyle habits for optimal health
  • Discuss common foods and lifestyle patterns that could be affecting your wellbeing
  • Help you identify your top priorities for achieving optimal wellbeing
  • Guide you through incorporating functional foods in your day to day diet
  • Help you read and understand food labels
  • Empower you to take action towards better health
  • Provide you with a take-home “Functional Nutrition Guide”

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