Bernadette Abraham

Bernadette Abraham is a “Wellness Coach” with over 20 years of health and fitness experience under her belt, and holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion.  

A former competitive gymnast, track athlete, martial artist, and certified personal trainer, Bernadette continually adds to her credentials as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Functional Medicine coach. 

Since her move to Dubai in 2005, she has become a sought-after expert in her field, publishing hundreds of articles relating to overall wellbeing, fitness, and nutrition in several magazines, newspapers, and online publications.  

She is also a popular speaker, promoting healthy living to various audiences such as the Wellbeing Show, Woman’s Health & Fitness, the Weight Loss Show, the Great Parenting Show, the Parent & Child Wellbeing Conference, and the MEFIT Pro Summit.  

Bernadette also shares her knowledge through the airwaves on Radio 2, Dubai Eye and Pulse95, and has made several guest appearances on City7 TV, Dubai One TV, Physique TV and MBC 1.  She has co-hosted a 16-episode pre-natal fitness and nutrition television series in Arabic on MBC 1 and is authoring her first book Unjunk: How to Raise Healthy Eaters in a Processed World, which is set to launch Fall 2020. 

Her company specializes in high-end holistic wellness programs; health & wellness awareness services to individuals, corporations and government entities, and seeks to raise public health awareness through her website & social media platforms. 

On a personal note, while being an athlete, a retired computer engineer, and a health professional, Bernadette is first and foremost a mother of four who leads by example. |